Single Feeder Einzylinder 3,5 '' Sockenstrickmaschine

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Loop Formation hose knitting machine single feeder Working Principle: At first we need to check that the machine has no problem and working well and all the needles are ok.

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Firstly we need to take a cone placed at the machine yarn carrier and yarn passing from cone to needle by yarn guide. Then we need to take place the yarn into the needle to hold up the yarn on it and all the needles must be in working position.

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After that we hold up the machine handle and rotate the handle clockwise. During this operation we can see that every needle comes to operation and creating loop hose knitting machine single feeder above loop formation.

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We know that a sock has some parts according to its size. At first we have to placed a elastic yarn as feed to complete the elastic part.

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It is about 30 coarse to complete the elastic part. We have to maintain a uniform downwards tension of fabric to create a loop so we should place a weight with fabric.

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After that we remove the elastic yarn and continuing the rotation about coarse to complete the leg part if sometimes the loop is missing then this needle should to rising and after a rotation turn up the needle down when it takes the yarn. After completing the leg part we need to raise the half of total needles in out of operation from the back side of the needle cam box.

Then by rising one of operating needle from each side we first rotate the handle clockwise for rising one needle and anti-clockwise for rising another one needle from opposite side.

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Continue this process until about hose knitting machine single feeder are in operation of front side of cam box. After that we have to lowering the two needles each time from each side and rotate the handle clockwise and anti-clockwise by following previous theory.

When all the needles comes to operation then continue the first process about rotations to make the feed side.

Diese Beispiele können umgangssprachliche Wörter, die auf der Grundlage Ihrer Suchergebnis enthalten. Improved needle dial for a single-cylinder circular hosiery knitting machine for producing ribbed knitting. Nadelteller für Einzelzylinder-Strumpfrundstrickmaschine zur Verfertigung von gerippter Ware. Dial or half-dial for single-cylinder circular hosiery knitting machines, particularly for producing tubular items closed at one longitudinal end Teller oder Halbteller für Monozylinder-Rundstrickmaschineninsbesonderes zur Herstellung von an einem Längsende geschlossenen Schlauchwaren Single-cylinder circular hosiery-making or knitting machine particularly for manufacturing tubular items closed at one of their axial ends Einszylinder-Strumpf-Rundstrickmaschineinsbesondere für die Herstellung von schlauchförmigen Artikeln mit einem geschlossenen axialen Ende Procedure and equipment for the production of a sock on double-cylinder circular knitting machines. Twin-cylinder circular knitting machine with a perfected device for actuating the transfer sinker.

At last the toe side is stitched by a sewing machine to complete the one sock. The same theory is applied to make the another one.

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This is the process of making the one pair of socks. Operation of machine: We have to careful during all the process because its loop formation can be missing by needle. The yarn must not be in more tension.

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The rotations of handle must be in mind. All process must be in actual size and must be maintain for making one pair of socks. When the heel is in operation we must be carefully operate the handle and we must be maintain the calculations of number of coarse to make it.

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