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Vincent Sportler aus Böblingen Über mich Neue leute kennenlernen böblingen a very optimistic energetic person. I enjoy speaking different languages. Japanese and English are my favorites.

Ich hoffe, dass ich die Liebe gefunden habe. Irgendwann reichen Textnachrichten nicht mehr aus und dann folgt das erste Treffen in der richtigen Welt.

I like the nature. I love Indian curry and nan as much as I feel I want to become an Indian to be able to eat such delicious curry every day!

Kostenlos in Böblingens Freizeitpartner Börse! Aufgrund einer positiven, beruflichen Veränderung meines Lebensgefährten sind wir 29 und 36 Jahre alt zusammen in die Region Böblingen gezogen.

And I could die for good Sushi. I like to go camping to mountains, river and cook outside, swim, canoe up the river, play like a child, sleep in a tent in the nature, go for hiking, trekking, fishing, cyclingsnowboarding or just walking around.

I like to feel the clear air and listen to the beautiful sounds which are filled in the nature.

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Sunsets are magic to me as well as seeing stars and moon in the darkness while listening to the sound of ocean surf. I feel a little lonely although there neue leute kennenlernen böblingen 7 billions of people in this world.

I also like cooking and I want to be able to cook any kinds of famous cuisines of all around the world someday.

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I am trying to live not to regret anything in my life. I always want to be honest to myself.

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I don't want to regret what I didn't do nor what I did when I get older. Time passes by very fast.

What do you think you would regret when you die? I'm trying to make the best out of every day and tell my precious people how much I love them.

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When I listen to touching music, I can not help but dance, moving my body as much as it makes me feel that I was probably a professional dancer in previous life if there was such a thing.

But most of the time I am in a public place with my music player, so I dance in my mind.

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I like the salty flavor of neue leute kennenlernen böblingen sea. When I run a motorbike under the clear sky in a sunny day surrounded by mountains near the sea feeling the breeze on my skin smelling the salty flavor of the sea, I feel alive.

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I also like to spend time alone pretty much. I am very interested in how other people at a different point of the earth are living today.

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Different cultures have different ways of thinking, different places have different foods, different people have different lives. Your "normal day" is unique and fresh to me.

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What did you do today? What are you thinking about now? What did you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

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What makes you feel happy? What do you like to do and why? What do you do everyday? To me, knowing about other people is similar to reading books. I'm interested in knowing about other ways of seeing this world and life by knowing about you. Da ich relativ neu in Böblingen bin möchte ich ein paar nette leute für Unternehmungen kennenlernen!

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Weil die inzwischen aber alle paarweise unterwegs sind, wird es Zeit mal wieder ein paar neue Leute kennen zu lernen. Ideal wäre jemand, der mich beim Wandern incl. Ich bin unternehmenslustig und offen für neue Erfahrungen Nächste Jahr möchte ich an einem Halbmarathon teilnehmen und freue mich yaaro mainu kehndi mainu single rehna einen Trainingspartner dafür.