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Single species population models, Sind einfache zeitverzögerungen die ursachen für periodische populationsschwankungen?

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From the reviews: Both graduate students and professionals will find the book an understandable, absorbing, and penetrating treatment of a beautiful theory.

The range of examples included makes it a good read for mathematically-literate non-biologists.

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  3. Mathematical Models in Population Biology and Epidemiology | Fred Brauer | Springer
  4. AJ Nicholson This article is itself a summarized statement concerning the various influences which affect population densities and the population systems these lead to.

These and the references to the original biological papers would be valuable resources for an instructor. The book was written as a textbook but anyone who is curious about mathematical biology would benefit from reading it.

There is enough theory to prevent the book from being trivial and the emphasis on applications carries the reader into unexpected territory.

Sind einfache zeitverzögerungen die ursachen für periodische populationsschwankungen?

First, the authors carefully discuss the underling assumptions of each model and, where appropriate, illustrate their points with real data. Second, the authors extend the discussion of discrete time maps to include systems of difference equations. Third, the authors provide very convincing arguments for the inclusion of time delays in models for population growth. Finally, the chapter on the effects of harvesting single species population models the growth of populations would be an excellent addition to an undergraduate course in mathematical economics.

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This textbook is user friendly and at times captivating. At first look students may be slightly intimidated since single species population models text single species population models a lot of equations. However they will soon be delighted to see that number of equation is because the authors show all of the steps in the derivations.

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  • Population models. A case study of mathematical modelling | Request PDF
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Moreover the authors increase the relevance of this text by carefully discussing the underlying assumptions of each model and by placing the model in its proper historical context…A textbook on biomathematics must overcome single species population models major hurdles: Biological examples are provided if and when they relate to a given equation and the examples are highly idealized…this books format is also reasonable for a survey of applied mathematics because the format facilitates comparison across fields of biology…There is some very useful information within this book.

This book gives and discusses many continuous and discrete models from population dynamics, epidemiology, and resource management. A large number and variety of examples, exercises are included. The book is warmly recommended to undergraduate and graduate students as well as to scientists in mathematical or biological sciences.

AppDynSys : Population Models : Lotka-Volterra

This book is intended for the student who has had a year of calculus, some background in elementary differential equations, and a little matrix theory. There is some very useful information within this book.

Gaedke Mechanistic theory and modeling of complex food web dynamics in Lake Constance.

Answers are provided for some but not all problems, to encourage students to become involved and not just be spectators. The current volume focuses on this interface between mathematics and biology. The book is written in the theorem proof style that mathematicians will feel comfortable with.

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The succinct and clear section on mathematical epidemiology is one of the highlights single species population models the book.

There are extensive problems throughout the text; these are all essentially mathematical exercises. A strength of the book single species population models the large number of biologically-motivated problem sets.